Advanced analytics

Available to all.
We are specializes in creating professional data analysis products, with our primary offering  — Megaladata platform.
Our expertise lies in crafting systems tailored for in-depth data analysis, covering data collection, integration, cleansing, alongside model development and visualization. We assist in the implementation of innovations, enabling more informed and precise managerial decisions to boost profits, reduce expenses, and mitigate risks for both private enterprises and government entities.

Our Team

We are youthful, reasonably driven, and have countless opportunities ahead of us.
Our company stands alone in uniting all the essential capabilities on a single platform, guaranteeing that every business obtains precisely the data it requires at the perfect moment.
Nikolay Paklin, Chief Education Officer
I'm keen on joining a company that has a well-established corporate culture. The team fosters a positive atmosphere, and we all collaborate towards achieving a shared goal.
Aleksandra Belikova, Digital Marketing Strategist
I've secured a steady position within a rapidly growing international company, where I can effectively harness my skills and talents to contribute to the team's success.
Stanislav Podoba, Designer
Innovation and perpetual growth – that's what truly excites me! Our company is always in motion, and there's never a dull moment. This is what keeps me motivated.
Nadezhda Larina, Head of Client Services
Excel served as our inspiration - it's user-friendly for beginners, yet it doesn't constrain specialists as their expertise expands. Crucially, our product empowers the realization of intricate user concepts without limitations.
Ilya Korotyaev, Developer
Don't fret over mistakes. If everything functioned perfectly, we'd be out of a job.
Sergey Voynakov, DevOps Engineer

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