Release notes 7.1.2

In the Server editions, it is now possible to connect to SAP HANA through ODBC. Fixed: Megaladata Integrator, Calculator, and some data source connections. Platform performance increased, logging process added.


Megaladata Integrator: If Megaladata Server and Megaladata Integrator versions didn't match each other, an error occurred after connection attempt, and read and write streams were kept frozen in Megaladata Integrator. It prevented Megaladata Integrator from being shut down normally. The problem with streams closing failure was fixed (#10313).

Megaladata Integrator: The following error was corrected: "No column was specified for log-in". It occurred when starting Integrator if logging to the database was enabled in the configuration file of Integrator, and not all columns were specified, for example, only packageNameColumn and nodeNameColumn.

Megaladata Integrator: If the input fields count was changed for the published node while automapping, such package was not marked as the changed one on "Web services" page, and pressing on "Update publication" button did not lead to update of metadata for Integrator. As a consequence, the following error occurred when requesting via Integrator: "Invalid column count in the input matrix of values...". Publication of such package was to be terminated, and it was to be published once again to fix the problem. Error of behavior was corrected (#10269).

Megaladata Integrator: Unnecessary rows were deleted from generated wsdl in Integrator:

<xsd:import namespace=""/>
<xsd:import namespace=""/>

These rows were never used but they could cause errors in some applications connected to Integrator (#10296).

JavaScript: "Access violation" error was corrected. It occurred when working with Linux after the server restart when several nodes were simultaneously activated for the first time (#10293).

Python: The node operation with large string values in the execution mode inside the process was corrected. Previously, "Access violation" error could occur or random sequence of characters was in the final row when receiving the row from Python with a length exceeding 1365 Cyrillic characters or 2048 Latin characters.

Session Manager: If there was no network connection with the client computer or the client computer was in sleep mode when closing the session via the Session Manager, the deleted session disappeared from the list and then it appeared again. Repeated attempts to close the session didn't help. Error of behavior was corrected. Now in this situation when closing the session from the Session Manager, "Deleted" is displayed in Activity column, and after restoration of connection (wake from sleep) the client receives the following message: "Administrator closed the session via the Session Manager". When waking from sleep, the following message can be received in some cases: "Server connection lost" (#10278).

Import from database: If the table list filter was configured in the node wizard, and then the table was selected from the filtered list, the following pop-up message could be received: "Table (view)... is prepared for work. Failed to select in the list because it does not match the filter". Error of behavior was corrected (#10226).

Calculator: NOT operator execution with the values related to the variable type (NOT VAR where VAR — any expression with the result related to the variable type) is allowed in the "Expression" mode of operation. Previously, NULL always returned as the value of such expression that wasn't right (#10303).

Calculator: Text in the expression code editor was pasted not to the current cursor position. The regression error was corrected (#10308).

Calculator: DateTimeToStr and DateToStr functions didn't return the result if the optional Format parameter was equal to "". Error of behavior was corrected (#10316).

Workflow construction area: After dragging the node to the workflow construction area, the process of its dragging was not finished. That is why different visual defects were observed on the screen (tips, animation, incomplete drawing of node icons). Such behavior was observed in very rare cases when quickly dragging new nodes to the workflow construction area. The required corrections were introduced (#10207).

Workflow construction area: If the node was cloned with the hidden comment and then the workflow was saved or the cloned node was collapsed to the Supernode, the visibility and collapse statuses of the cloned node comment were confused, and the hidden comment of the cloned node was visible. The error was corrected.

MySQL connection: "Access violation" regression error was corrected. It occurred in the case of almost simultaneous (with accuracy less than millisecond) activation of two connections (#10242).

ODBC connection: When using ODBC driver when importing from the database, names of the tables and schemas that contain "." (point) character are supported. Previously, when configuring import from Calculation view SAP HANA, in the case of such tables/schemas, attempt to select the table from the list or enter its name in the "Table/View" field, caused the following error: "Invalid table name". When using Microsoft Access Text Driver, there was an empty list of columns in the wizard (#9193, #10225).

ODBC connection: When connecting to Excel via ODBC, the list of sheets in the "Table/View" tree was not displayed. Corrections were introduced (#10219).

Publish package: "Access violation" error was corrected. It occurred when publishing the package or when executing the published package if no component was found for the published node (for example, if it was deleted) (#10328).


Import from MGD file: As Import from MGD file node does not support change of data types of the output fields, such option was disabled at the output port. Previously, it was possible to connect the field related to the integer type with the real one at the output port, and the field related to the variant type with the fields related to other types that caused the following error when activating the node: "Change of column type is not supported in MGD Import" (#10122).

Logging: When locking/unlocking the user session via the main menu, corresponding message will be recorded in the log. Record is performed at the "Information" level. Previously, logging was performed only when the session was locked by IDLE timeout (#10276).

ODBC connection: It became possible to connect to SAP HANA using the connection string in the server editions (#10211).

Performance: Execution in the Loop of the Supernode with many derived nodes became 30% faster. The packages that contain many derived components began to load also faster.


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