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Release notes 7.1.4
Fixed: critical error in Calculator, Megaladata Integrator issues, visual problems in the workflow area. Package installation optimized.
Release notes 7.1.2
In the Server editions, it is now possible to connect to SAP HANA through ODBC. Fixed: Megaladata Integrator, Calculator, and some data source connections. Platform performance increased, logging process added.
Release notes 7.1.1
Fixes made to visualizers, PostgreSQL connection, and some components. Megaladata Desktop Edition performance improved.
Release notes 7.1.0
In the new version, we made fixes to the application, the Export group components, database Connections, Association rules, and other components.
What's new in Megaladata 7.1
The First Major Update of the 7th Megaladata Version While working on the release, considerable attention was paid to the requests that came from our users. The main changes affected safety and usability improvements. Besides, new opportunities concerning database operation emerged, functionality of some standard components was expanded. Now the de...
Release notes 7.0.4
Several regression errors were corrected, including in Connection to databases. Errors were corrected in Megaladata Integrator, ARIMAX and other components.
Release notes 7.0.3
Errors were corrected in several Connections to data sources, visualizers, Calculator, Coarse classes, Date and time components and also in the components included into Import, Data tree, Programming and Export groups. Megaladata system requirements changed for Linux. Installer was improved.
Release notes 7.0.2
There are many fixes in visualizers, import and export components in the new version. The errors occurred in Megaladata 7.0 were corrected. Support of multiline values import and parsing of dates in ISO 8601 format with time offset appeared in import from text file.
Release notes 7.0.1
Errors in Megaladata Integrator, import from file sources, Replace node and operation of other handlers were corrected. Changes were introduced into BatchLauncher utilities operation. Performance of JavaScript and Sort nodes operation, some error messages comprehension were improved.
Release notes 7.0.0
Many corrections were made in the components connected with databases and web services operation. Operation of some components was improved.